Basic Car Routine Maintenance you shouldn’t Miss Out

Basic Car Routine Maintenance you shouldn’t Miss Out
Basic Car Routine Maintenance you shouldn’t Miss Out

So, you finally have the keys to your dream car. Now, you need to take note of all the routine checkups and regular maintenance to keep your car in good running condition. Keep in mind that the performance of your vehicle highly depends on how you use it and take care of it. And with proper maintenance, you can actually reduce future repair costs and optimize your car’s performance. So, to keep your car running at its full potential, we will discuss some of the basic routine for your vehicle. Read on.

Taking Care of the Engine

Oil, sparkplugs, and filters are some of the things you need to have in check. Car mechanics and manufacturers suggest changing these parts every four to five months or as soon as it reaches around 3,000 – 5,000 mileage. According to the owner of Monarch Limos, limousines and Super Cars usually don’t go past 3,000 miles per change, the former because they are under heavy stress and must be reliable, Super Cars have such highly tuned engines that the oil must be as pure as possible. An oil change in a Ferrari or Lamborghini will set you back $5k or more when all is said and done. Here is an article on running luxury sports cars. This task also depends on the usage of your vehicle. If you usually drive in dusty or muddy conditions, or maybe in stop-and-go traffic, you probably need oil change services more often.

Checking your Transmission

The function of transmission is to allow your car accelerates by utilizing power from the engine to the wheels. Always check the condition of your transmission.  Make sure there’s enough fluid for better shifting performance.

Inspect the Battery

The batteries store and supply the energy needed to the engine. When the engine is activated, the alternator will recharge the battery, as well. Keep in mind that the batteries should be always clean. Secure it also to avoid unpleasant vibration from the engine. Seal the bolts and make sure the connections at the terminals are secured.

Gauge your Emission System

The emission system is one of the most functional parts of your vehicle. It runs almost the entire length of the car. It analyses the fuel, refines them into water vapour and less harmful fuel, which directs them through dampers to reduce noise. This keeps your vehicle running smoothly, quietly, and efficiently. Many experts advice to run an emission test once a year to make sure everything is functioning accordingly.


These are just some of the basic routine checks you need to do regularly. Always remember that the condition of your car depends on the usage and how you maintain them. For more information, take time to read the owner’s manual and consult a mechanic.

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